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DM Pricing Consulting can advice your organisation in optimizing your pricing strategy and maximise revenue and profitability. 


We help you assessing the entire commercial and operational structure to identify areas of improvement, optimize and improve financial and commercial performance, enhance the processes and structures that allow fast and accurate pricing decisions. 


We can potentially serve any industries, Consumer electronics, Food & Beverage, FMCG and other Consumer Products, Banking, Pharma & Medical Devices, Energy, Information Technology, e-commerce and more.


Pricing strategy is not just having the right price to maximise revenue, market share and profitability. It has a powerful impact on how your brand and products can be perceived in the market, it represents your positioning, your competitive strategy and your growth plans.

Cutting prices on a premium brand can be very harmful for your long-term performance, as well as over pricing can prevent you to optmise your revenue stream and overall profit.

We help companies determining the right approach to pricing in very complex environments, to estabilish the best process and to evolve into new tools to manage in a cost effective manner all aspects of pricing and commercial capabilities. 

We partner with SaaS firms to support you editing the best software platforms to reduce complexity and maximise ROI.

Our approach is tailored on your own strategy, we leverage on the most sophisticated methodologies to value-based pricing, market research, conjoint analysis and price elasticity. We create state-of-the-art reporting dashboards, management by KPIs, performance management tools.

Our expertise is to assist you on all aspects of pricing enhancement projects, starting from an assessment up to implementing solutions and training staff.

We believe upgrading your pricing capabilities and infrastructure is a key-factor of success, therefore we think that these projects should be kept very confidential. With prior NDA, we garantee descretion and strictly confidential behaviour through the entire project and beyond, in order to allow you achieving the best possible results and estabilish a long-term competitive advantage in your market. 

Please get in contact by phone of by submitting the form below for a confidential discussion.

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